Online Judicial Applications

Prepare to Apply Online

  1. Review the Process Summary for the appropriate application.
  2. Review and/or complete the worksheet for the application so you are familiar with the questions asked on the application. These worksheets are for preparation only and are not to be submitted to Judicial Council.
  3. Create a new user account with the Provincial Court.
  4. Login to your user account, select the appropriate application form, and begin completing your application.
  5. Should you wish to leave your application before submitting it, save it before you log out. You can save each section individually using the button at the end of the section.
  6. Return to your user account to login and continue, or to make changes to your application.
  7. Attach a digital photo of yourself and complete the online forms that accompany the application.
  8. Submit your application. You will not be able to make further changes to your application once submitted.
  9. You will receive an automatic email from the Court acknowledging receipt of your application and a link to download a PDF copy of your application.
  10. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted as complete, you will receive a 2nd confirmation email from the Court.

Prepare to Re-apply Online

  1. If you have already submitted an online application, the option to re-apply for the same position will appear on the application page once you log on and after 2.5 years have elapsed since the date of your previous online application.
  2. Judicial and Judicial Justice candidates not interviewed may re-apply 3 years from the date of their previous application; applicants interviewed but not appointed may re-apply 2.5 years from the date of their previous interview. Please review the process summary documents for the timelines.
  3. The system allows you to begin working on your application in advance but please be advised Judicial Council will only accept applications consistent within the allowable timeframes to re-apply.

Tip: download a copy of your previous application and copy / paste to save time entering your details.

Changes or Corrections

You can promptly report any changes (including, but not limited to, personal suitability information, such as health/medical, Law Society, financial, and conflicts, and if no longer seeking appointment) or any corrections (e.g. change of address, correction of typographical errors, etc.) to your original application by mail sent to:

Judicial Council of British Columbia
337 – 800 Hornby Street Vancouver
BC V6Z 2C5